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My name is Duby Nevo. I was in the motorcycle business in Japan for 17 years. I went to Japan in 1986 studied Japanese and established my own company that was exporting used car parts to different countries. In 1992, we started specializing in motorcycles. It was then that the Bikelife logo and brand name was created. We focused on exporting motorcycles to shops in different countries all around the world and importing classic motorcycles to Japan. After some time, Bikelife began giving off-road motorcycle tours in Japan on a weekly basis. We rode regular tours throughout Honshu, the main island of Japan and in Thailand, exploring remote villages, mountains and the countryside. In 2008 I came back to Israel and became a licensed tour guide. Combining my love for guiding and motorcycles in Israel has been a dream come true! Now we are can enable people from all over the world to visit Israel and experience it from the back of a motorcycle.

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Bikelife Israel is an all-encompassing motorcycle touring and rental agency assisting riders to discover and explore Israel through guided/self-guided motorcycle tours and rentals. Ride through the heart of one on of the world’s most sacred and holy lands. Ride where legends and biblical figures walked and lived. Enjoy the famous Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea, and catch breathtaking views from our stunning mountains and low valleys. From the villages, kibbutzim and cities to our capital city, be among the locals and become immersed in a rich culture predating history. We’ll provide you with an expert bike tour guide to help you ride through Israel providing you with an unforgettable experience either guided or self-guided.

When God created Israel, he gave it a little bit of everything. God packed it all in a very compact, small package. He decided it is not enough, so he seasoned it with three religions and people from all over the world to make things more interesting. This is Israel! This is where you can open the bible read and then ride and walk in the places where biblical events took place. It is almost impossible to do it anywhere else.. I believe whatever you’re interested in, you can find it in Israel. Israel has something for every visitor, no matter how old he or she may be nor what religion they believe in. It is the cradle of the three monotheistic religions, history-packed since biblical times, archeology, world heritage sites, nature reserves and trekking, diving, exciting cuisine, wineries, advanced agricultural technologies, hi-tech industry and so much more!

Israel is the cradle for the world’s most ancient and influential religions, filled with a fascinating history, and steeped in a rich culture showcased by the welcoming Israeli people. There are also unique phenomenon as the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, Muktesh Ramon, a crater like phenomenon, the largest and one of only 8 such places in the world, 5 of them in Israel. This beautiful country is packed with awe-inspiring landscapes and ideal riding weather making it the perfect place for an adventurous guided bike tour!

Why Is Riding Israel is the ideal place to ride motorcycles. The weather in Israel is perfect for riding. There aren’t many rainy days or snow. The weather is geographically diverse. It may rain in the north, but it might be sunny enough to go bathing in the Dead Sea and Eilat. Also, the fact that compared to Europe or the USA distances between attractions and sites are short, giving us the ability to face the weather. The region has seen a lot of tectonic activities, creating the perfect paths for riders. Of course, the Israeli people are absolutely amazing and welcome visitors into their country with open arms. I simply want to bring people from backgrounds together in the best way I know how, by riding and showing Israel in a unique way.

The combination of my experience of living abroad, working with motorcycles and meeting people all over the world has made me a genuine people person. I have an understanding of what people want to experience when they visit a country. I’ve travelled all over the world and met thousands of people in different countries. Our other guides are very experienced riders and licensed guides and our tours can operate in English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and French. I hope I can meet you here in Israel and make your experience an extraordinary journey you will never forget!

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