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Currently we own the following motorcycles

4 Suzuki Vstrom650   €160($190)/day

2 Honda Africa Twin (CRF1000) €200($240)/day

During the corona we sold some of our motorcycles .Replacements will come as soon as motorcycle tourism resumes  and touring groups return.   

The rental includes 300km per day. Any additional will be charged with €0.25. 

The rider pays toll roads and traffic fine.

A delay of each hour will be charge at €25. A delay of three hours in returning the bike will cause a payment of half a day – €85 and over that will be payment of a full day. Over 30 minutes will be considered as a full hour.



There is an insurance for body in case of an accident.

It is always advised to have you won insurance as well. The deductible is €2,000 for damages caused during the rental period.

Please note that there is no refund in case you return the motorcycle earlier that the initial rental contract time.

We are located in a city called Netanya. It is conveniently located in central Israel, about 30km north of Tel Aviv. There are trains that run between the airport and Netanya and the total required time (even if there is one trains switch) is 50 minutes. Address : 9, Mendelson St. Netanya.

Basically we are open Sunday to Friday.

We can accommodate earlier rentals so please contact us regarding that.

Important !!

  • We are closed on Saturday so it is not possible to pick up or return bikes during Saturday.
  • Friday is a short work day here in Israel. The latest time for pick-ups or returns on Fridays is two hours before sunset.
  • Most of the time if we have a tour scheduled for a future date, the system will not allow a rental booking. Should that happen, please contact us.

Our Motorcycles

Suzuki Vstrom650 4 units

Honda Africa Twin 2 units

Rate per day over 7 days 10% discount.

Rate per day over 10 days 15% discount.

Riding Gear

If you need riding gear, we have gear for rent so please let us know what you need.  All our motorcycles come with a top box, lock and chain at no additional cost

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