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motorcycle tours israel
For our main motorcycle we chose the Yamaha Tenere XT660Z. We think that this particular bike’s versatility on and off road combined with the ability to use an A1 license provides an excellent riding experience in the different roads and terrain Israel has to offer. We also have 2 Suzuki V-Strom 650, and 1 Suzuki DR650. We also have a Sanyang Maxim 400 which is available for rentals of one week or more only. Rental is €170 for 24 hours payable by bank transfer, cash and credit card (3% surcharge). Rental fees are paid up front, before you take the motorcycle. You will be asked to submit a photo ID, a valid appropriate motorcycle license. We will also ask you to sign an agreement for damage payment in case there is damage to the motorcycle while you use it. There is a limit of 250km per day. Any additional will be charged with €0.5. A delay of each hour will be charge at €25. A delay of three hours in returning the bike will cause a payment of half a day – €85 and over that will be payment of a full day. Over 30 minutes will be considered as a full hour. Just for you !!


There is an insurance for body in case of an accident.

It is always advised to have you won insurance as well. The deductible is €1,500. Paid by the rider in case of damage.

All fines/toll roads are paid by the rider.

We have equipment that you can rent and some that you can use for free if available.

Please ask us When renting a motorcycle you get a full tank and it is your responsibility to return a full tank. A tank which is not full will be charge at €35. If you want to guarantee you have a motorcycle when you come, you have to pay either the whole amount or at least 30% in advance. Otherwise there is no guarantee.

Please note that there is no refund in case you return the motorcycle earlier that the initial rental contract time.

Please note that there is no refund in case you return the motorcycle earlier that the initial rental contract time.

We are located in a city called Netanya. It is conveniently located in central Israel, about 30km north of Tel Aviv. There are trains that run between the airport and Netanya and the total required time (even if there is one trains switch) is 50 minutes. Address : 9, Mendelson St. Netanya.

Basically we are open Sunday to Friday.

We can accommodate earlier rentals so please contact us regarding that.

Important !!

  • We are closed on Saturday so it is not possible to pick up or return bikes during Saturday.
  • Friday is a short work day here in Israel. The latest time for pick-ups or returns on Fridays is two hours before sunset.
  • Most of the time if we have a tour scheduled for a future date, the system will not allow a rental booking. Should that happen, please contact us.

Our Motorcycles

​Yamaha Tenere 660 5 units

Suzuki V-Strom 650 2 units

Suzuki DR 650 1 unit Sanyang Maxym 400 ABSi 1 unit


A basic rental period is 24 hours Rate per day €170.

Rate per day over 7 days 10% discount  €153.

Rate per day over 10 days 15% discount €145.

Riding Gear

If you need riding gear, please talk to us. Some of the gear is free of charge but if you want to ensure you have it when you come, please reserve (extra cost involved). All our motorcycles come with a top box, lock and chain at no additional cos

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